Istanbul Zaim University

Istanbul Zaim University

Itanbul Zaim University is the Supporter of the 6th Internationalconference on Management, Economics and Humanities


Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University (IZU) has a campus wherefree discussion of all ideas, except promoting discrimination and violence, canbe expressed freely.

Academic staff and students at IZU have the right of freedomto carry out and disseminate research, analyses as well as any related academicworks on the topics of their choice within the framework of not violatingacademic freedom.

IZU is autonomous in its academic studies and complies withuniversal principles and ethical guidelines in all decisions and practicesthereto.


Taking the mission of becoming a research university as adeparture point, all academic members, students, and administrators at IstanbulSabahattin Zaim University (IZU) have and protect the principles of academichonesty.

IZU provides its academics and students with necessary meansand media for carrying out their original scientific works, and does not allowviolation of principles of academic honesty.

The main requirements for academic works that are carriedout by IZU teaching members and students are that they must be reliable,original and ethical.

Teaching staff and academic members of IZU transfer the codeof ethics to their students that they abide in their academic life. Academicmembers of IZU guide students who are also carrying out academic studies andworks in terms of how to reach resources and materials that they can use intheir work and how they can incorporate such resources. 



Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University (IZU) provides equalopportunities, rights and freedom to all of its academic members, students andemployees. 

IZU, as a foundation university serving education, does notallow any discrimination or prejudice on the basis of ethnic identity,language, religion, gender, life style and physical disability at any time onthe premises of its campus.

IZU adheres to the principle of universal equality in allits educational activities, employment policies, scholarship policies and allthe other programs.

IZU does not allow any student to be subject todiscrimination because of his or her worldview; and ensures that all rights inthis regard are protected by the university.



Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University (IZU) protects itsacademic members, students and administrative staff against sexual abuse andharassment. It takes all the steps and measures to prevent such actions. 

IZU, creating awareness about sexual harassment within theinstitution, is committed to providing follow-up as well as support to thelegal process in the event of such case

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  •  Sixth International Conference on Management, Economics and Humanities ISI
  • Sixth International Conference on Management, Economics and Humanities
  • Sixth International Conference on Management, Economics and Humanities
  • Sixth International Conference on Management, Economics and Humanities
  • Sixth International Conference on Management, Economics and Humanities

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